CEO –Basia Alicia Powell

Basia Alicia  Powell is our CEO. She holds a B.Sc in Government, a Masters of Business Administration,  as well as, a Degree in Culinary Arts. Basia is also the CEO of Basia TV Productions based in Atlanta, Georgia and Trinidad and Tobago. She is a successful entrepreneur with just  over 18 years experience in media, marketing, brand development, sponsorship and contract negotiations. Her international work experience includes the  insurance, utility, and technology sectors. You can follow her on Instagram @basiapowell


Ricardo Powell is an international cricketer, coach and former ESPN cricket analyst. Our agency is built on his legacy, as a former West Indies cricketer. His highest ODI score is 124 against India. It was a sensational innings that is still talked about by many Indian fans and cricketers. This is how the name 124 Not Out came about.


At 124 Not Out Sports Agency, we sign the best cricketers on and off the field. Branding and talent goes hand in hand for us. Once a cricketer is strategically branded, then the word “retirement” is not a dirty word or something to fear. This is what we mean by taking your career to the next level. Cricketers should never have to worry about retirement or about being treated with the respect they deserve. We handle every aspect of your career. This includes branding, booking, financial planning and wealth building, contract negotiations and reviews, to name a few.


Our team members have all had international experience in cricket, cricket administration, branding and marketing, entrepreneurship and life coaching. We have all been advisors to athletes, in one capacity or another. We just decided it was time to take our players to another level and change the game on and off the field.

Ricardo Powell Jr.

Ricardo Powell Jr is a member of our branding and digital media team and is based in Atlanta. Georgia. He played cricket in his earlier years, but prefers basketball. He is the architect of many of social media graphics. Currently, he attends Georgia State University, where he is majoring in Journalism, with a focus on sports marketing. He has a keen eye for sports branding. His vision is to ensure that our cricketers are branded and marketed at the level of NBA and NFL players in the USA. You can follow him on Instagram @rjp0well



Derrick Townsend, CFT,CSN

Hopeful Change, LLC 

Derrick Townsend, CFT, CSN is the CEO/President of Hopeful Change, LLC in which he facilitates and oversees several programs. As well, Mr. Townsend is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Counselor, and Life Coach. At Hopeful Change, LLC, our mission is to provide services that encourage and support healthy growth and development. We recognize the key to helping one attain a more productive and rewarding life is to empower them with the skills, knowledge, and motivation necessary to help him/herself. Our vision is for all to have the freedom to grow and evolve in a community that recognizes and supports the importance of individuality. We are a community-based organization that seeks to maximize the holistic integration of your mind, body, and spirit who believe in the grassroots efforts of fostering hope and creating change through mentoring, coaching, counseling, enrichment, educational programs, camps, and community outreach. We are a company that has over 20 years of experience, professional training, and education, providing us with a vast working knowledge and expansive experience in serving all socioeconomic statuses. We are hopeful that with assistance you will be able to create a newfound respect for your wellness and well-being, as you are able to incorporate learned strategies to improve your daily functioning. We believe that every problem has a solution and believe that through our years of experience, we are equipped to help you find the solutions to your problems, whether big or small. We have developed several community partnerships over the years with non-profit organizations, schools, corporations, entertainers, and professional athletes to provide multiple events throughout the year. We believe that as people in the helping profession, it is our purpose to do what we do daily, and therefore are always seeking to use our God-given gifts and talents to edify the people in the community that we serve every day.