Vibha Cricket making a difference

I am so proud of Vibha cricket in Atlanta using the game of cricket to raise funds for the less fortunate children in India, with special emphasis on education. To date their efforts have impacted over 2.4 million children in India.

I was happy to be invited as their honored guest this year. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary celebration. This event was held in Roswell, GA. I am very proud of their steadfast dedication to the development of cricket in the USA. What I learnt today is, this organization owes its success to volunteers. I was also very impressed to see so many women playing cricket. USA cricket needs more female cricketers.

Overall we need to see more of this type of volunteerism in cricket throughout the United States. Congratulations Vibha on a job well done.

Female Cricketers at Vibha.

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2 thoughts on “Vibha Cricket making a difference

  1. Sanjay Narla says:

    Thank you Ricardo again for taking time and gracing the occasion. These words coming from someone like you are very encouraging and will motivate us to do more for the great cause like this one.

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