India Crushes Windies In ODI Series❗️

India Crushes Windies In ODI Series❗️

It was a wonderful day in Trivanthapuram, The West Indies team may not agree with me. Nevertheless, the weather was fantastic 😂. India must be congratulated for a magnificent series.

It came as a surprise to me when West Indies won the toss and decided to bat. By the 16th over, the Windies team had 47 runs for 3 wickets. The writing was on the wall and it was painful to see. By the time Hetmyer got out LBW, the score was 53 for 4. It was painful to witness.

For the Indian fans, it was exciting to paint the new stadium in Trivanthapuram blue, as tonnes of fans turned out to see their team secure the series for their country. For those of us wearing the burgundy jerseys, we simply have no choice but to fix our gaze onto the T20s. Congrats to Vira Kohli , who was awarded Player of the Series,

it was also great catching up with old mates, former Indian cricketers, Harbhajan Singh and V.V.S. Layman.

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