We Are Committed To Our Female Cricketers

For several years, female cricketers have be undervalued and underestimated. In fact,  the same story applies in other male dominated sports. Not only are these women underestimated, they are underpaid.

I recognize that I have also played an unconscious role, as a male athlete, by ignoring the development of female athletes. During the pandemic, I decided it was time to do something about that.


It is time for female cricketers to access professional coaching, and to get the respect they deserve. For that reason, female cricketers can now call the Ricardo Powell Cricket Academy their home for cricket. I am so proud of my ladies. They work just as hard as their male colleagues, by showing up week after week, whilst holding down jobs and caring for their children.

At Ricardo Powell Cricket Academy, we are committed to gender equality in cricket and the development of female cricketers in the USA and around the world. Stay tuned for more.

Female Cricketers At Practice

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