Cricket Is No Overnight Success

Very often  parents sign up their talented children at the Ricardo Powell Cricket Academy (RPCA), with the  hopes and dreams of becoming the next Virat Kohli. And while I am fortunate to get some of the most talented young cricketers to coach and groom, it is no overnight success. Not even Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Or Brian Lara, achieved success overnight.


The first requirement is the talent. The second is the desire to do the hard work, but the third is the patience. Becoming a world class cricketer  requires much more than talent. To become a professional cricketer, you must have discipline, and you must be ready to practice your craft even when you don’t  feel like practicing.  You must also accept that failure is a huge part of the journey.

To quote boxing legend Mike Tyson, when he was asked, ” What is discipline?”

Tyson responded by saying,

“Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but do it like you love it.”- Mike Tyson

At RPCA we will only take in young cricketersย  if we feel that he or she is totally committed to the process. Our coaching is not only about batting and bowling, it is also a holistic approach. If all the resources are not available internally to get the best results for our students, we will ensure that our students get the best coaching and assistance overseas, in countries like Dubai, England, India and the Caribbean. We partner with the best coaches internationally to produce world class cricketers.
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